Fabio Capriotti / pianist

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Fabio Capriotti was born in Trasacco (AQ) in 1983. He trained under M° Drahomira Biligova, graduating with the highest marks and honors in the Conservatories of L'Aquila and Rome.

He participates in several national and international piano competitions and is the winner of some of them. During the years of training he took part in some masterclasses held by important masters including Boris Petrushansky, Valeri Voskobojnikov, Ramin Bahrami, Ivan Gajan, Daniel Buranovsky, Ida Cernecka, Sergio Perticaroli, Lya De Barberis.

He performs in prestigious national contexts and festivals and plays for prestigious musical institutions such as the Accademia Filarmonica Romana and the Società Aquilana dei concerti "B.Barattelli".

He cultivates jazz and other genres, styles and musical languages as a self-taught.

In the summer of 2016 he participated in the Livorno Music Festival where he performed with the famous Italian pianist Stefano Bollani on the stage of the Teatro Goldoni in Livorno, after being selected by Bollani himself, among several candidates.

At the same time he joined, as pianist and keyboardist, "Officina Musicale" (instrumental ensemble of classical and contemporary music formed in 1986 and still led today by M° Orazio Tuccella) creating with this formation a readaptation of five original albums by Pink Floyd (Atom mother heart, Wish you were here, Animals, The dark side of the moon, The wall) and the album "Selling England by the pound" by Genesis.

In 2018 he designed "Canzoni senza parole" (still on the billboard given the great success he had), a solo piano show, which traces "without a voice" the Italian singer-songwriter of the 60s - 70s - 80s.

To date, in the room programs that see him as the protagonist, he alternates classical repertoire and improvisation in different genres and styles.

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