Joao / musician

Joao was born in Cape Verde on the island of Fogo and was raised in Lisbon. He is an accomplished musician, sings in 5 languages and is a Therapist that uses energy, massage and essential oils to help balance the body. His journey of life was no easy feet in the beginning.

His family moved to Lisbon as he was born with glaucoma and cataracts and needed medical attention that was not available in Cape Verde . Unfortunately, when they arrived to Portugal it was already too late to perform the surgery that would have permitted Joao to recover vision in his left eye.

At 7 years old, still with partial vision, he entered the Hellen Keller Institute for Children, attended by kids with and without sight. At the age of 10, he lost his vision completely after an accident playing with other children.

Losing his vision was frightening and frustrating for Joao as he had to adapt to the world being fully blind. After a few years, and thanks to his love for music, Joao reemerged to a new reality: music was his salvation and his survival tool. It remains so to this day. As he struggled with this major life change he was also holding onto another secret that he felt like he couldn’t share.

Growing up as a Black man in Portugal with a disability in the 1980’s had its challenges. But he was also struggling with his sexuality in time and within a culture that wasn’t accepting. Immigrating to the US in 1999 with his family. Joao then began to navigate an unfamiliar territory in addition to dealing with his sexuality, being disabled and learning a new language.

What he did not know was that being in America was going to change his life. Many years of the uncertainty, Joao eventually accepted that he was a queer man and wanted to fill the world with happiness by sharing his music. October 2020 he finally released his single Hoji Sol on all major platforms !!

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