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Kiran Nepali / SARANGI player

Kiran Nepali

Sarangi | Kathmandu, Nepal

Coming from a lineage of Sarangi players, Kiran is a skilful self-taught sarangi player, improviser and composer based in Kathmandu. He has worked with prominent artists around the globe through programs such as Playing for Change and Coke Studios, and has performed as part of folk ensemble KUTUMBA BAND. Kiran Nepali is devoted to the preservation of local Nepalese music and working to promote of the Nepali local folk music through Project Sarangi, which is designing a curriculum-based folk music education system for Nepalese students.

Artist, Music Entrepreneur,

SARANGI player Bipul Chettri & the travelling Band

Founder Director of @projectsarangi- an initiative to promote Nepali Ethnic Folk instruments through innovation and collaboration.

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