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Kritika Sinha / 보컬(Vocal)

최종 수정일: 2021년 7월 22일

Name: Kritika Sinha

IT professional by profession, singer by birth, entrepreneur by accident! After spending 5 years in MNC, I decided to pursue in music field.

Co-founder of Strymphony Music Entertainment; a platform for all naïve and upcoming musicians and singers who want to share their talent with the world.

I have released two songs (Mann Mera, Say Namaste) available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon music and more. Apart from Music I love sketching, dancing and travelling.

Candid connection:

Instagram: @kritikasinha404

Connect with us at:

Instagram: @strymphony

Facebook: @strymphony

Twitter: @strymphony

LinkedIn: @strymphony

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